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Hinrich Amandus von Staden was born on the 22nd of May, 1889 in Cuxhaven, Germany. He was one of nine children. Included were:

  1. August- Traveled to Chile, married and returned to Germany. Two children- Helmuth and Ingrid.
  2. Herman- Died of a heart attack in Jersey City, NJ. Had seven children- six boys and one girl.
  3. Anna- married twice. Had one son (Carl) by her first husband. Had two sons (Paul and Bernard) by her second husband- Paul Behlau.
  4. Bertha- married Werner Balzer. Lived in Brooklyn, NY. Never had children.
  5. Augusta- married last name Messina. Immigrated to the United States. Four children (Eleanor, Margaret, Fred, and Myrtle) by her husband Antonio.
  6. Wilhelm- A naval officer. Went down with his submarine during WWI.
  7. Minna- worked as a housekeeper in NY. Met a former Prussian officer, and they both moved back to Germany.
  8. Emma- Had three chidren- Wilhelm, Käthe, and Charlotte.
  9. Catherine- Died at birth.

At the age of 15, Hinrich emigrated from his native land. By way of the ship "Hamburg," he traveled to Ellis Island.

Eventually, he moved to Baltimore, Maryland where he and his first wife Edna Francis had two children- Albert Werner (Warner) and Bertha Lois (Elois). The flu epidemic of 1918, however, claimed the life of his wife and the children were put up for adoption.

  • Albert Werner (Warner) relocated to the Eastern Shore of Maryland where he worked on a farm owned by his adoptive parents- the Ruf's.
  • Bertha Lois (Elois) also relocated to the Eastern Shore, but lived with a family by the name of "Coulbourn." She perished in an automobile accident as a young girl.

In 1920, Hinrich married Alida Maria Sjoers. Together they had seven children:

  1. Clasina Alida
  2. Christine Wilhelmina
  3. Alida Henrietta
  4. Catherine Marie
  5. Eloise Edna
  6. Henry Peter
  7. Harold William

Hinrich Amandus von Staden passed away on February 21, 1952. He is buried in Baltimore cemetery in Baltimore, Maryland.

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