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Genealogy-Oriented Links

  • GenLias- a national Dutch database containing essential information for genealogical research. It is a joint initiative by a number of public archives in the Netherlands and overseas. You can use Genlias to find information recorded in official Dutch civil registers
  • Digital Resources: Netherlands and Belgium - Listings of genealogical resources available on the internet, bbs, and CD-ROM.
  • Cyndi's List of Genealogy Sites On the Internet includes a "Netherlands" section which contains well over a hundred links to a variety of resources.
  • soc.genealogy.benelux- Scan through hundreds of headers, or post your own query to this newsgroup. NOTE: Although the overwhelming majority of posts are written in Dutch, the English language is widely understood.
  • Regionaal Archief Alkmaar Searchable databases include: registration-cards of inhabitants of Alkmaar in the period 1910-1939 (the so-called gezinskaarten), and house-owners in the historical centre of Alkmaar (a so-called kadaster)
  • De Telefoongids by KPN Telecom is an online residential telephone book for the Netherlands.
  • Ahnenforschung.net- Search for homepages that contain German genealogical information.
  • Vermissten und Toten Datenbank- is a searchable database of members of the German military who were killed in action during World Wars I and II.
  • soc.genealogy.german- Scan through hundreds of headers, or post your own query to this newsgroup. This group also has a very nice FAQ page. Here you will find tips on researching military records, passenger ship lists, cemetaries, census reports, noble families, etc. Links to a number of other useful sites as well.
  • Archives in Germany by Andreas Hanacek, is a nice compilation of contact information for various archives in Germany (i.e. state, church, military).
  • Cyndi's List of Genealogy Sites On the Internet includes a German section that contains hundreds of links.
  • TeleAusKunft Online is an online telephone book that provides residential and business listings for all of Germany.

General Resources

  • Cyndi's List of Genealogy Sites On the Internet. So many links it will make your head spin! Very comprehensive.
  • Family Search is an internet genealogy service offered by the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. By visiting the Library Catalog, it is also possible to search for resources concerning a particular surname, or view the library holdings for a particular town .
  • Geneanet- is a very nice surname search engine.
  • Ancestry.com- is another good surname search engine. Search results include references from many different databases (some are free, others are require membership).
  • Alta Vista's Babelfish- Unfamiliar with the native tounge of those you are researching? I have found that Babelfish does an admirable job with the inherent complexities of language translation. Handles French, German, Italian, Spanish, and Portuguese to English interconversions. Translate bits of text or an entire web page.
  • Social Security Death Index at Rootsweb is a nice resource for finding information on deceased relatives (Those that passed away after 1962 at least). Results include date of birth, death, and last known residence. Also generates letters that can be used to request copies of SS-5 forms direct from the Social Security Administration.

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